DCFC Adult Soccer

DCFC Adult Rec Soccer League
DCFC's adult soccer program is a semi-competitive, recreation-level soccer league for all players aged 18 years and older in Delaware and surrounding counties. The goal of DCFC's adult program is to provide structured, consistent, quality opportunities to continue to play for all players — from students looking to play locally beyond U19 to parents, coaches, and volunteers looking to continue playing outside of youth training sessions. DCFC strives to create parity among teams to foster quality competition in a friendly environment. We offer pick-up play times as well as organized session games.

Please check out our Facebook page for breaking news and updates. Shoot us a message there if you have any questions!
Por medio de nuestra página de Facebook, también con gusto atendemos cualquier duda que Ud. tenga sobre la liga.

Unless otherwise indicated, all play occurs at The Cave: 5450 N Wheeling Ave, Muncie

Registration Procedure:
Please review the DCFC program registrations as well as our facebook page (facebook.com/dcfcadult) for the latest updates and registrations. League Directors will use skill level + position preference to place each player on a team. Teams will be created in a way that will foster the most balanced and most competitive experience among all participants. Due to the nature of the league's growth, we cannot guarantee placement of friend groups larger than 2-3 players on the same team.

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