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With spring upon us, I notice that activities at the Sports Park are in full swing. Lots of kids, parents and grandparents out enjoying the park with family and friends. Because of the large number of people in a small area now would be an appropriate time to talk with participants or those driving in the park about slowing down when in and around the parking lot. As we all know our youngsters are excited and might not be the most attentive darting between the cars or running from or to the fields/gym.

Also last weekend was an extremely busy weekend at the park and I noticed that we had a number of cars parked in the farm field to the south and along CR600. Both of these are concerning for a number of reasons. 1st the farmer who rents the field is going to be planting and growing some crop and I would imagine he will not be happy losing production to vehicles driving on his field. 2nd cars parked along 600 are dangerous for a number of reasons, primarily they block the vision of cars trying to leave the sports park. They also prevent proper use of the trail.

Honestly I didn't say anything Saturday as I knew that the park was full, but the cars parked along 600 tonight make me believe that people now think it is acceptable (see attached photo). I'll be asking Marshall St John (who is copied on this email) and the rest of YPD to start enforcing the parking restrictions at the sport park.

I know a year or two ago the organizations sent out a map and I would suggest we send it out again. In addition it would be acceptable on the heavily used park days to have cars park south of the drainage ditch on TOP of the dirt that was hauled in and smoothed out last year (see attached photo labeled overflow parking). We will sign this area in the near future but please share if we know it is going to be a busy day.

If there are questions or other suggestions of ways that the Town or one of the programs can help please let me or the appropriate person know. My goal here is to keep the participants and visitors safe and able to utilize the park. Also I shared this with the people on the boards who I had an email address for, please share with appropriate people if I missed them.
Pete Olson
Yorktown Town Manager
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