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HS 7v7 League

DCFC HS Leagues Terms, Conditions & League Rules

 Roster/Waiver All players are required to sign the Roster/Waiver form. No player may enter the field without a completed signed waiver.

 DCFC will not be responsible for damage, loss, or theft of equipment or clothing belonging to any applicant or their guests.

Smoking is prohibited in the facility. Litter must be placed in proper trash cans. No spitting. No gum.

League Play Teams - Each team consists of seven (7v7) players (including goalkeepers). The minimum requirement of players for 7v7 games to commence is 5 players (one of which must be a goalkeeper).  Max roster size is 10 players for 7v7.  DCFC reserves the right to combine age groups to provide the best suited competition.

Game Duration & Start Time

 - The duration of each game is 50 minutes (two 25 minute halves and a 5 minute half time) with a running clock.

- The clock starts at the scheduled start time regardless of the number of players for each team.

 Game Play Uniform

 - All on-field players must wear shin guards, soccer socks, shorts and matching color shirts, if at all possible.  

- Shin guards are mandatory and must be totally covered by socks.

- Only flat soled shoes, turf shoes, and outdoor (non-metal) rubber cleats are permitted.

- Non-acceptable items: Excessively dirty shoes, metal cleats, jeans, tank tops, boots, and sandals.


- The game clock shall only stop if a serious injury occurs.

- If the referee stops the game because of an injury, the injured player must be replaced.


- The referee is not required to stop the clock to substitute a player who is bleeding when injured.

- The wound must be cleaned and adequately covered before the player can return. The wounded player must check in with the referee before returning to play.

Foul Language

 - If a player uses foul language in any context, the entire team will be given a warning by the referee. If any player from the offending team uses foul language a second time, that player will be given a yellow card. If any player from the offending team uses foul language a third time, that player will be issued a red card and ejected from the game.


 - A goal cannot be scored directly from a kickoff (indirect). Kickoffs do not have to be played forward.


 - Kick-ins will be used to restart play from the sideline instead of throw-ins.

 - All kick-ins are indirect.

 - Kick-ins from out of bounds can be within three feet of either side of the sideline.

 - Opposing players must be at least seven feet from the kicker.


 - If the ball hits the ceiling it is restarted with an indirect kick by the non-offending team directly under where the infraction occurred.

Free Kicks

- During the taking of a free kick, defending players must be 8 yards from the ball in all directions.

 - All free kicks are indirect. 

Penalty Kicks

 - Shall be awarded if, in the referee’s opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction - the infraction does not automatically result in a red card.


 - Substitutions are made during dead ball situations, not on the fly.

 - Substitutes may only enter the field from the midline.

 - The substituted player must be off the field before the change.


 - No slide tackling opponents in possession of the ball in any league. A player that slide tackles may be subject to a yellow or red card at the discretion of the referee.

- A player can slide when no opposing players are within sliding distance and the intent is not to tackle an opposing player. (ie. saving the ball from going out of bounds, scoring a goal.)


 - There is no off-sides.

Yellow Cards

 - Any player(s) receiving a yellow card must be immediately substituted and can re-enter the game after 2 minutes.

 - Any player(s) receiving two yellow cards in one match receives a red card.

Red Cards

- Any player(s) receiving a red card receives at a minimum an automatic suspension from the current game.

- The final length of suspension is at the final discretion of management.

- A player that receives 2 red cards in one session will not play the remainder of that session and could be banned from the facility.

 Unless otherwise specified in the above rules, all NFHS rules apply. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ENTERTAINED.  DCFC reserves the right to change any and all Terms and Conditions & League Rules at any time for any reason.

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